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February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

It’s not actually my birthday.. but my own cookware set!? Seriously?!!? YESSS! THANK YOU! 😀 Using it this summer : )

Just finished clearing up after dinner, and watching the amazing race while writing this. My friend Tammy and I are determined to be on that show someday! 🙂

On another topic, I had picked up some whole what orzo pasta at Whole Foods last week since I’ve never tried it, but had seen some delicious-looking recipes that used it.

Ingredients: Whole wheat orzo pasta ~ Chicken ~ Capers ~ Cumin ~ Tomatoes ~ Salt & Pepper ~ Lemon juice

Directions: Sautee the cumin and capers for a few minutes, then add the orzo and the rest of the ingredients! Most of these ingredients can be found in your pantry – and if not, replace it with something that is – just jumble ingredients that you think will work together : )

For a side, we had this random mix of random beans and celery. it was interesting.


~ Chickpeas, Barley, Black turtle beans, Adzuki beans, Kidney beans, Celery, Pasta, Onions, Salt, & Dressing.

And for desert, Quinoa cake!!


~ 3 eggs ~ 1/4 cup sugar ~ 1 cup quinoa flour ~ 1/4 cup orange juice (about 1 small orange) ~ 1/3 cup of grated, unsweetened pure chocolate ~ 1/2 tsp salt 

~ Beat the eggs, and add the sugar gradually. Mix the chocolate and salt into the flour. Add the chocolate-flour mix, and orange juice into the egg/sugar mixture – alternating between the two. Then.. pour into pans and bake for about 35 minutes! 🙂

Is there a reality show you wish you could be on?! 

February 9, 2012

Kelp Noodles & Happy Dance

I’ve always wanted to try kelp noodles, and today was the day! 🙂 But the happy dance wasn’t for the kelp noodles, it was for getting the co-op position I really really really really really wanted this summer! I should say: Happy dances*.. since it happened for than once.

So Zhers sells this wonderful thing called… Artisan Lettuce. I decided to try the kelp noodles in a salad.. because not gonna lie.. they’re pretty expensive, and so mixing them in a salad will make them last longer 🙂

After I cooked the noodles, I realized that they tasted like.. nothing! So I mixed them with some dressing.

I’m not a big fan of onions, but there’s just something so visually appealing about onions in a salad, that I had to add them.

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