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December 27, 2011

You are the boss of that pineapple.

If you’ve never cut a fresh pineapple before, I think you’ll be surprised at how simple it is. First off, don’t let its looks intimidate you. Sure, it’s spiky. Okay, it’s awkwardly shaped. Yes, it’s going to roll around on the cutting board. But so what? There’s nothing in the world like the taste of fresh pineapple, and you’ll be paying a ridiculous amount to have someone else cut it if you buy it in a little plastic tub. You are the boss of that pineapple. Grab your big, sharp chef’s knife and a cutting board and let’s get to it 🙂

Lay the pineapple down on its side (it will naturally roll to it’s flattest place; that’s dandy, let it rest there) and grasp it firmly in your non-cutting hand to stabilize it. Place your knife about three-quarters of an inch down from the base of the spiky crown and cut straight through. Next, turn the pineapple bum-end around and trim a quarter inch or so off the bottom so it will stand up flat. Now stand it upright on the cutting board. It should look like this: 🙂

Now that both ends are flat, you can stand it up and carefully remove the outer rind in vertical strips. You don’t need to worry about completely cleaning the pineapple, just make sure to try and remove the green spots. Once the rind is removed, you’re left with the flesh, and brown divots that generally aren’t very pleasant to eat. Notice that the divots wrap around the fruit in diagonal lines. By following these lines, you can cut them out fairly easily when you remove about two at a time. Just cut around them on both sides at a 45* angle (so you’re cutting out a “V” shape) –

Once you remove them all, you’re left with a pretty interesting pattern, and not too much waste. Now just cut the pineapple in half. Cut each piece in half, and cut each half into halves again. Then slice off the cores, so the sharp peaks are gone.

Ready to be served! 🙂