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January 23, 2012

Preparing for a 14 hour school day

The thing with living off campus, is that it’s not worth commuting back and forth between classes or meetings.. which means.. a long day at school. I don’t really mind, actually, it’s not ever day, and it gives me some good study time. And I can definitely use any study time, being my first midterm this semester is this Friday! Tomorrow, I’ve got a morning class, and an economics SOS session at 7-10pm.. it all adds up to 14 hours at school. Definitely a record for me.

A few days ago, my parents went grocery shopping for our Chinese New Year dinner, and brought home some coconuts! : ) I’m finally getting around to drinking/eating it : )

Keep shaving off the tip until you can put your straw in.

Like so : )

Drink it all, then chop it in two!

mmm : )

Making lunch/dinner to bring tomorrow was pretty easy, since my mom had already cooked some beans, so all I had to do was mix them together.

~Adzuki beans
~Black turtle beans
~your favourite dressing : )

Mix it all together : ) Pretty easy, huh?

Ready to take on these 14 hours : )

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