Fruit Tarts

My friend and I took 24 tarts of these on the subway and street car to a bbq in the beaches — yupp, got lots of funny stares, and an awkward conversation with someone who tried to get us to check out his new cd.

We cheated with buying pre-made tarts, but nonetheless, it still took us two girls quite a while to make!

Behind the scenes! šŸ™‚


  • 24 mini tart shells (frozen dessert aisle)
  • Devon custard (baking aisle)
  • Fruits — Blueberries, strawberries, kiwis, (canned peaches?)
  • Optional: mint — for extra decoration
  • Gelatin glaze

The bbq was fun, met some really nice people:) Got home a little late though.. and after posting this post, it’ll be almost 1am.. which leaves me about 6 hours of sleep to rest for the dragon boat race tomorrow! ahhh!!


2 Comments to “Fruit Tarts”

  1. Those are really pretty! Hope your dragon boat race went well!

  2. oh my gosh…these look amazing!

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