Tofu-Watermelon Salad

Got to paddle in the water for the first time yesterday to train for the upcoming Dragon Boating festival, and it was really fun! The whole team is really awesome, and I love the “good pain” you get in the morning.. a sign that i’m getting back into shape:)

I’ve planned a really awesomely-relaxing day for myself today.. love Sundays:) Grocery shopping, catching up on blogging, getting my brother a gift for his graduation.. all completed before noon! 🙂 Got a few more things to do today, then hopefully I can sleep before 9pm tonight, and get a good 9 hours of sleep to prepare myself for the work week ahead! 🙂

On another note, I realized I had some watermelon slices I had to finish while putting away the groceries, so it got turned into a tofu-watermelon salad


– Cubed Tofu (extra firm)
– Cubed Watermelon
– Parsley
– Ground black pepper
– Lemon


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