Back on track

Being out of breath after walking up to the third floor of the Peter’s Building at WLU is not a good sign.. so I’ve been getting myself back on track, starting with early morning jogs when I wake up in the morning. My legs are in soo much pain now, but as they say, no pain no gain. 

Got some chives and parsley from the backyard when I got back and decided to make a massive square omelet for everyone’s breakfast when they woke up. (Been waking up super early before everyone else these days’ to get some studying done).

Added some blocks of cheddar cheese, and chopped frozen red peppers

Added some mushrooms and onions, and mixed it all in a bowl with the eggs

And poured it into a square tray. It’s sooo much easier than trying to fry it in a skillet, well, I’ve never had luck with that anyways, it always breaks into pieces when I try and take it out of a skillet.. so this is much easier:) I just pour it in the tray and put it in the oven for a few minutes.. and it doesn’t stick as much! (I forgot to take a picture of it after it was done.. haha so this is the before (raw) picture)

Happy Thursday! 🙂 


3 Comments to “Back on track”

  1. Made one for breakfast yesterday inspired by this! I had red and yellow peppers and asparagus in mine 🙂

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