Cracker Barrel

Go ahead, call me an old lady if you wish – but I love Cracker Barrel 🙂 They have retro-style candies, scented candles, antique-style coffee mugs and old-looking plates

Cracker Barrel doesn’t exist yet in Canada, so we always make it a mission to go there at least once whenever we go to the states. I love everything about it – cozy atmosphere, antiques, fireplace, & good food 🙂

They make the best biscuits. ever.

The food is always soo good, and you never get that  “oh-man-I-can’t-believe-I-just-ate-this-it-was-good-but-now-I-feel-guilty” feeling. you know what I mean, right? 😉

I got the lemon pepper grilled rainbow trout with green beans, corn, and applesauce.

They also sell antiques, and neat little things in the store attached to the restaurant which is always nice to check out.

Rocking chairs, and oversized checker boards are lined up on the big front porch. See ya next time! 🙂

Do you have a favourite restaurant? 


One Comment to “Cracker Barrel”

  1. My boyfriend loves Cracker Barrel! I think he wouldn’t mind if we went there every time we went out to eat! I just recently ordered their pancakes and discovered that they seriously have the best pancakes. I love the crispy crust on them, I want to know their secret haha.

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