Monday, here we go again!

A cold winter night calls for a hot water bottle. Seems like something from the stone age before heaters were invented, but hey, why not turn down that heater a bit at night, use a hot water bottle, and save a few bucks off your heating bill during the winter months!

If you’ve got a cute cover for it, like my mom does, then now you’ve got something cute and fuzzy to keep you warm πŸ™‚

My favourite thing about it.. the little pouch that holds the heart πŸ™‚

Drinking hot tea is always nice in the winter too. I actually bring tea almost every day to school in my purple mug. I was always a big fan of green tea, but when it started to keep me awake at night, I switched it up. I need my sleep. I’m like a bear. If I had the opportunity, I would hibernate in the winter :-p

Spinach + Clementines + Apples + Walnuts = The perfect combination of crunchy and squishy. mind-blowing.

Spritzers always bring me back to the days when my mom would take my brother and I to the Big Carrot, and she would always buy us one as a treat. I remember that my brother would always strawberry, and I would get raspberry.. 14 years later, and not much has changed.. we still only get spritzers as a treat once in a while, and I’m still drinking the raspberry one πŸ™‚

Next thing to pack for tomorrow: swim stuff! Haven’t been in the pool since before exam time last semester, and I miss it terribly. I usually go alone, but tomorrow I have a swimming buddy! yay!

Got a few more things I need to check off, then I’m off to bed! Hope the week 1 problems for managerial don’t take too long!



One Comment to “Monday, here we go again!”

  1. thank so much for the note on my blog! i hope you’re having a great week so far πŸ™‚

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