Thank God it’s Thursday 🙂 3 day weekend every week for this whole school year 🙂
I woke up this morning and threw together a quick lunch to bring to school in case I got hungry. I used up all my carry-over OneCard dollars in December before it expired, so this means no more swiping that one card at Starbucks every time I craved a food or drink.

My mom made congee last night, so I ate that for breakfast and threw in some walnuts. On the left there, is some youtiao. Translation = Chinese Fried Dough. Oh so very unhealthy, but very taste-bud friendly on the other hand 😉 All through breakfast I was going through my notes for the mock interview I had before class. I was kinda nervous, even though it was only a mock interview. I ended up getting some really great tips and realized I need to cut back on my hand gestures during interviews.. watching myself on video was a little scary.. haha.

Sometime during my Business Decisions Model class today, I had this idea to turn my mom’s lunch bag into a camera bag! So that’s exactly what I did when I got home from school:

Alright, time to catch up some homework so I can have some free time this weekend! 🙂


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