Next time you eat Dim Sum..

..sound like a pro and say you want some: Shumai!  aka pork dumplings.

Or, make some at home! 🙂

Random thought: Ever watched that Three’s Company episode when Jack was chopping onions, and his friend Larry thought he was crying because he was sorry? hahaa.. or maybe it’s just me, who’s seen every single episode like a million times. The misunderstandings in that show never got old 🙂 Watch it, if you haven’t already! 😀 Anyways, that’s what I was thinking while I was chopping these.

I have this thing, where I like to put my ingredients in little bowls before I mix it all together. That’s not weird, right?
So just mix together the pork, onions, shrimp (scallops, if you have any), chili flakes, salt, pepper, a large egg (or two little ones), and cornstarch.  (the cornstarch and egg is what binds it all together, so those are super important!)

Then get your wonton wrappers (we pick them up at Zhers), and put a small scoop into the wrapper and make sure that the bottom is flat so that they won’t fall.

Not quite edible yet…

Place the plate in a steamer. Or if the plate doesn’t fit, you can always just place them directly in the steamer, it just takes a tad longer to wash after. Or maybe you have a dishwasher.. haha we do it old-school style here 😛

After 10/15 minutes check to see if they’re cooked, and if not, just keep checking every 3, 4 minutes. Unfortunately I don’t have a magic number for you  to say when they’ll be cooked for sure, it depends on how much pork you put, and how high the heat setting is, etc. etc.

But it’s all worth it once it’s done 🙂


3 Comments to “Next time you eat Dim Sum..”

  1. Could you please let me know where in Zehrs do you find the wonton wrappers? Thank you. This looks yummy by the way.

  2. thank you! It’s in the produce department, in the chilled area, where are the vegetables are kept to keep them cold. Hope you find them!

  3. Thanks so much! I haven’t been able to find really good Asian restaurants around me so I decided to try to make things myself. Hopefully I won’t end up in the E.R.

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