First Day of Semester 2 :)

Here we go again! Went to 2 of my classes today, Microeconomics and Business Decision Models… they were.. ok. haha. I had to rush out early in the morning today for a meeting and skipped breakfast.. oops.. so I was pretty hungry by the time my BDM class came along. All I had brought with me was camomile tea, but I only got to drink half of it because the other half spilled in my bag when I was in a rush to catch the bus in the morning and didn’t bother to twist the cap on tight 😦 But the day got better when I caught up with friends that I had missed over the holidays! and then.. when I got home, a lovely brown box was waiting for me. IT’S FINALLY HERE! 🙂

My new baby:) The Canon XS. I got quite the deal on it, $199 from Henry’s. When my brother sent me the flyer, I had to get it.. it felt right. I originally had my eye on the T2i, but it basically costs more than my life’s savings, so this one is perfect for now! 🙂 But then of course, the lens is another expense. I chose to buy the 50mm f/1.8 lens because a. one of my favourite food bloggers uses this lens, and I absolutely love her photography, and b. my brother is quite the photographer, and he recommended I get it as a starter lens if I wanted to take pictures closer-up, instead of using the stock lens. Buying the body-only camera saved me $80, which went right into buying this one 🙂 The pictures I’ve taken with it so far are.. not worthy of your seeing yet.. haha. I’m still experimenting with it, and going with trial and error to get a better feel of it.

In such a good mood right now! Good mood = lets pack a lunch for tomorrow! 🙂 On the menu, fruit and fried rice!


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