“Pomegranate” is a funny word

Pomegranates are sooo tasty! But, they have one major flaw. Peeling them.

So, if you are not a pomegranate whisperer, like I’m definitely not, I’m going to share with you a technique for getting those pesky, but oh-so-tasty seeds out with as little hassle as possible. And, hopefully, as little stains as possible.

These techniques were learned the hard way, after getting a few splash stains on my shirt, so wear an apron to stay on the safe side! I didn’t have the slightest intention to be peeling pomegranates today, but when my friend James came over for a game of monopoly, it eventually turned into a pomegranate peeling competition.. after I had to painfully mortgage every single property I owned and then went bankrupt.. all in less than half an hour. Some modern family watching also happened. recent addiction.

Step 1 – Don’t cut the pomegranate in half. Score it. Take a sharp knife and score the skin around like you would be cutting it in half, going around the top and bottom. (It’s easiest to go around the little nib at the bottom.)

Step 2 – Put the knife in the top to separate the top where the skin is thick.

Step 3 – Gently pull apart to separate the two halves.

Step 4 – Score each half in half (so you have quarters) on the outer skin. And gently pull it apart.

Step 5 – Get a big bowl of water (which i should’ve done, but didn’t). Use it to help you get the seeds out. Just have your hands in the water with the pomegranate quarters. Bend them back a bit and gently scrape out the seeds with your fingers.


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